Caffeine Drip Ramblings #2 Balloon interviews the Stick

And now the Balloon interviews the Stick.

Balloon: I can’t quite see the ground below thanks to all those clouds in my face… so enlighten me! What’s down there?

Stick: Sticks. Lots and lots and lots of sticks. And a couple of strings here and there, but Stick is not quite sure where it goes up to. It tried tugging them, but upward force is too stong and thus it gave up, just too lazy to work the mechanics out. Yes, es ist a geek.

Balloon: Okay in 87.5 words, tell me what sort of stick you are!

Stick: Thin, long, boring brown, and stickly. With a few kinks here and there, smooth top and bottom ends, highly define edges, but very splintery. Splintery… is that a word? It gets especially fuzzy when there’s too many ideas sprouting on the surface. Stick cannot defy gravity, and it pauses when faced with a flight of stairs. Blistery mood occasionally when the producer Stick emerges, but mostly, a very very still and stable stick. I have forteen point five words more. And so i shall end about right he…

Balloon: So any chance of sprouting leaves one day?? If yes, what would make that happen??

Stick’s not a plant and it doesn’t have roots. The only way Stick will grow leaves is if you stick them onto the Stick.

Balloon: Here’s my magazine question to you! What do you think of Singapore and how’s a Stick and Balloon to fit in all that?

Stick: This is the easiest question! Singapore is a place with missing stories. It’s like how they promote marraige and having more than 3 kids, but they forgot the most important step in between. It’s like a protective mummy shielding her childs eyes at certain points of the story.

So Stick and Balloon is a consequence which emerged from these missing stories. And they are here to fill the holes with things relevant, and not.

Balloon: I bet even sticks have dreams! So tell me, what’s your dream project?

My dream project? If Stick were to lie, it would be to slap people and earn money from it, til it’s enough for it to rot. Stick’s a practical artist. Ha!

In all honesty, Stick just wants to lie and sleep.

Balloon: If you had to become a tool (being a stick and all), what would you be? and why?

Stick: Stick aspires to be a professional prodder. To prod everything and anything under the sun; to prod out the many questions unasked and unanswered; and to prod til it hurts so that people start thinking.

Balloon: Und so…. here’s my final bug! Why’s the long stick so long?!?

Stick: Ah, this is a matter of perspective. Stick is not long. It’s just that the Balloon is short.