Caffeine Drip Ramblings #1 Stick interviews Balloon

As a kick start to the House of Stick and Balloon, Stick decides it’s only fair that one of us start talking a little, besides force feeding violent images which we love.

Stick: So Balloon, how’s the view up there? What do you see?

Balloon: It’s pretty much fuzzy… looks like cats and dogs just hanging up there waiting to fall…

Or was that actually yesterday? Sometimes I see other balloons up here, and they usually just float by. Only ever spoken to one other so far.

Stick: In 93 words, tell me, what kind of shape do you take the form of right now?

Balloon: Too much if I’m simply described and far too little if I’m allowed to ramble (rather pretentiously). I’m not like one of those animal balloon types… No one tangles me into sticky knots of rubber and air… I’d prefer to think myself as more of a huge collection of microscopic bubbles that happened to come together to float as one seemingly whole balloon. So yes, we have a sort of turn-based dictatorship system in here, and what we look like depends on the whim of any one bubble at any given time.

Stick: So we’ve finally got together to put our monstrosities together in the tiny island of Singapore. What’s Singapore to you? Do you think Singapore is ready for our outburst?

Balloon: My god it sounds like one of those magazine questions….

Singapore is a home. It’s small, but it’s not small as I like it. It’s
small and clean. Like living in an impecably clean house with
electricity, water and everything except the furniture. But well.. I heard that they’re bringing in tables soon, so I guess it won’t be so bad… but I’d rather sleep on a bed in a neighbour’s house. The stuff will probably creep in on such a subconcious level that they won’t realise till it’s too late.

Stick: Stick’s splinters are fuzzing with massive plans for major renovations in Stick n’ Balloon. What would you like to have in mind for our house?

Balloon: Games! I’d love to see games of some sort. Not just a hamster wheel, but a proper tennis-through-a-hole-in-the-wall sort of game! Guest galleries and writers! Like a residency programme, like we discussed!

I really like the idea of the exquisite corpse. How bout a running graphic novel? Like what we did with the writing. Except that we have a series of 2 panels per week, then people can do up another 2 based on a word or subject given by the last person to have his/her stuff up, send it to us and we pick the next 2 panels to be added to the story! (we can even hook up with the online comic guys for this!) So it’s like a communal graphic novel. MYTHMAKING! A running tale of the human conciousness.

Stick: We seem to have some real monster visiting us for caffeine drips. What’s on the menu and what do you recommend?

Balloon: What? What real monster? Um…. how bout a drink of dada? Gets you high.

Stick: Show and tell! Everyone loves show and tell! Stick would like to know one funky work which she doesn’t already know about.

Balloon: What does the stick not know about?? Of the enormously massive story of all of the balloon’s stories and characters? It’s floating around… even the balloon can’t quite put it together yet. Hopefully an illustrated book of it is on its way!

Stick: And the final bug to end all bugs, who screwed with your mind and put in so much helium!??!?!

Balloon: Haha funny you should mention the bug. It was a bug that started me writing, but I can’t really remember how the helium kicked in… I think maybe it was the music and nights.