Monster in Residence #1 Pang Ren

Stick and Balloon are honoured have our very first Monster-in-Residence- Pang Ren!! For one week starting 19th Oct 2007, artist Pang Ren is offered free accommodation and 24 hour free caffeine drip in the House of Stick n’ Balloon, and he shall be creating a piece of something to do with “Stick & Balloon”!

Pang Ren’s a stable balloon type, one of those who’s actually got a rudder to steer him in a particular direction! (Doesnt mean he always stays fixed on one course though!)

Stick and Balloon decides to bug our highly inventive rudder-attached stable balloon!

Stick: Hello Pang Ren!
Hope you have been having an enjoyable time at House of Stick n’ Balloons. We hope we ain’t disturbing you while you have your 3758th bag of caffeine drip, to ask you a few questions about monsterhood.

In 69.25 words exactly, describe what form of creature are you?

Pangren: Hmm… what form of creature am I. Well… first imagine, Darwin’s Jewish-looking beard, on a purple triangular like blob, standing on a pile of speakers, with a button on his hand, looking sheepishly at you, blinking. (twice.) Ok got it? you sure you got it?………….
…… that’s not me.

I would describe myself as a round creature with only eyes and a little bonsai on my head. I find joy in knowledge and constantly shower myself in whatever liquids that comes my. I especially like those random puddles of weird colors (clean colors not shit colors) that seem uncertain but appear right in front of me. I love jumping into them and every time I do, they seem to make little bonsai grow in an interesting way and sometimes, even bearing fruits like, hot chicks, white Russians, martinis, smokes and beer. I love my little bonsai and I think it’s gonna be real big and pretty one day. Although I sometimes still don’t know what it will become.

Apparently Pangren cannot count… 69.25 words.

Lost City Painting

Stick: So, how is it like being a monster of your trade?

Pangren: Well… being small and handsome you get victimized sometimes, but that’s fine, I understand if other creatures different from me find joy in emphasizing differences I prefer to accept most creatures except when they come poking you. Anyway back to the question, regarding my trade, I really don’t care so much. I am an animator but take joy in filming. The joy of holding the camera, shifting lights, and putting my thoughts into foreverness is indescribable.

To me, joy is the essence of my trade. Only with true joy can there be true creation.

Indian Explorer

Stick: Who’s the one who rocked your boat and screwed your mind?

Pangren: Wow, who rocked my boat? I’ll have to say Socrates was the first, followed by Darwin and recently Richard Dawkins and Isabella. I am not trying to be deep here but they are a serious bunch of freaks that really screwed and fried my brain in ways I could never think of. I mean…. … like a few years ago I still thought that I could believe in what I feel and see until they came along… oh my. 😦 Why do I complicate my life, my block of wood always asks me… well… I don’t know. It just amuses me. haha

Balloon: Ohh… what’s that you have brought with you? Show us, show us!!!

Pangren: Just some of my digital paintings and 3D renders, not really utterly tasteful but with some alcohol it would.


Stick: Can’t get a kick out of caffeine? Tell us your real poison! (so that we can have more drip flavours)

Pangren: Caffine, alcohol, sex…. erm…. well… since alcohol sometimes lead to joy and sex but caffine
only leads to more caffine, I think alcohol would be great.

Balloon: Stick or Balloon?

Pangren: Balloon!!!
Thanks for sharing your valuable “high time” with us. Have a comfortable stay and we look forward to see what you have created from the rampage in your room.

*Background noise is Stick grumbling at the mess*

Let’s ignore her.

It’s been a pleasure answering your queries. Hope for more stays in stickandballoon.
see ya!

From your friendly housekeepers,
Stick n’ Balloon