Pang Ren says “Oh no!”

As the timing for being a monster in residence draws near, an impending force presses on me in the form of a cute tone. “beep beep beep”

I pick up my phone

“Pang Ren! you realise that your sticknballoon thingy ends tomorrow?” Sender : Stick

I gasp for air and rummaged in my grimy hostel floor, looking for my block of wood.

“you know what we’re gonna do now right?”

“err…. no actually” he replied.

Scratching my head, I realise time is running short. The second hand of my alarm clock seems to tick faster and faster and faster and faster ………

“The army of sticknballoon is coming…. I can smell them from here” (serious) I said, with a screwed up expression.

” Ok this is what we’ll do ok, we’ll use a decoy to buy us sometime, you ready?” never seen my block of wood so in control, but… hey, what the heck!!!


(hope sticknballoon won’t see us in this pile of mess)