An apparition of sorts!

This just in! A strange piece of what appears to be a part of sky crash landed a mere couple of minutes ago with a blazing trail of pocky-fied trees and roasted monkeys, straight through the doors (bless their charred noble souls) of the House! Other Monsters speculate that it could be a piece of Sky from that new Monster in Residence’s homeland, but the skeptics think otherwise. Even as I speak, hordes of Doomsday Monsters are running out onto the streets with naught but the fur on their bodies (or less) proclaiming that the End of the World has come!!
**”OI! Bring back the caffiene bags!!” yells Stick in background**
**what?? —oh that’s the one?— mein gott — right okay.**
Yes, we have it confirmed. The piece of Sky really is from the Monster publicly known as David Hendrix Shovlin!

Exhibit A.