The Too-ka gummy-trading card game!

Finally! After almost a year since we were offered to create a trading card game to sell with gummies by Lucas Foods Asia, Stick and Balloon are proud to present: Too-Ka!

One of the Heroes: Carver

This huge effort involved the creation of an entire trading card game from scratch, and Stick and Balloon had to call in the reinforcement minions! They are Chan Yin nan, who created the game system and Cherie Chong, who created a couple of the character, creature and weapon story concepts. Stick created most of the larger story, ie. the world and the tribes, the character stories… and I did the illustrations, and the other fiddly bits, like the site and packaging.

So after almost a month of waiting for the game to show up in stores, it’s finally here! Get it now at any 7-eleven store (only sold in Singapore though) and you’ll get a packet of really nice gummies and a mystery card =D Once you get enough of these cards, you’ll be able to play the trading card game! Visit to learn more about the trading card game, see the cards, and read about the world of Astria and those who fight for it.

Too-ka gummies in stores! =D

Hero card: Yoron Kashka