The Little Dreamer Animation 3

The third Little Dreamer animation is featured on youtube!

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A simple cure for pinkeye causes a multitude of other problems that require yet more drugs. A parody of medicine, as seen from a child’s eyes.

This animation is the third in a series based on the fairy tale novel by Anila Angin, illustrated and animated by Stick & Balloon.

A child, Zayoni, leaves her tribe, her mother and her beloved tree to go in search of the lost City of Dreams, hoping to restore a paradisiacal way of life to her island. Along the way, she meets a host of strange and colourful characters, including a fortune-teller, a talking dog, a wicked princess, and the Old Dreamers of the Earth, Air, Sea and Fire — beings so ancient, they grow younger with age. The story unfolds through the fables the characters narrate to each other, in the tradition of the tribal storyteller, and in the process, the child learns the different meanings of love, life, freedom, disguise, and most importantly, the power of living from the heart.

Video credits:
Esha Batish as the gypsy fortune-teller (in the introductory pixilation)
Child’s voice: Dineke Cranage
Apothecary’s voice: Ng Yi-Sheng
Animation Music by Paco Santiago: “Mazurca a Notaez” from Guitarras en la Alpujarra Volumen II
Pixilation Soundtrack by Robin Skelcey

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