MoonChild Animated Short Film


Stick and Balloon presents to you a little tale.

A shy fiddler named Niki meets a lovely moon-spirit and her strange musical band. Amazed and attracted, he sums up the courage and attempts to impress her. But lo’ the nervousness, a note shrieks into the air and pierces the night. Niki despairs as the moon-spirit leaves, disappointed. But as she walks away, a violin hum pulls at her heart and she decides to take a hopeful chance.

An age-old story of music, romance and epic transformation, Stick and Balloon presents a new twist with the marriage of stop-motion and traditional paper animation techniques.

The film is directed, animated and designed by Sara Chong and Chen Yanyun, a pair as complementary as a little red balloon and a long hardy stick.

With the help of “Mary & Max” VFX Supervisor Michael Allen, fiddler Marjolaine Parot, composer Jachin Pousson and the beautiful tunes of klezmer and fiddle music by Alicia Svigal, Trad’ouir, Danilo and Svetozar Milosavljevic, MoonChild weaves together a spirit of sound, sights and heart, which we hope you’ll enjoy.

The sheer success and overwhelming support we’ve received over the course of Moonchild Kickstarter has touched our hearts deeply, and Stick and Balloon are still reeling from the amount we’ve raised… $6573! We hit our target of $2000 in 20 hours and with the help of supporter and backers, we managed to spread the world of Moonchild far and wide.This is truly beyond our wildest imagination. Thank you, dear backers, friends, family, and Kickstarter for supporting our project.