About Stick & Balloon

Stick & Balloon

We do stuff.

Yanyun and Sara are a pair of nomadic, symbiotic creatures filled to the brim with drawings, ideas, inks, wood, beer, caffeine and shisha smoke, otherwise known as Stick and Balloon. We sort of look that way too.

Stick and Balloon take on all kinds of projects: illustrations, animation, trading cards games, flash games, books, packaging design etc etc. We really do stuff. Lots of stuff. Our clients include Propellerfish, Lucas Foods (Asia) Pte Ltd, and Anila Angin. We also collaborate with writers, artists, storytellers.

One can find Yanyun, otherwise known as Stick, at her porfolio

One can find Sara, Balloon, at her portfolio

Stick and Balloon is also on flavors.me, kickstarter.com and facebook.